Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mr. Gerald Wharfe Whitley NatWest Bank

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you for business transaction, involving
GBP18.5Million (Great British Pounds) hoping that you will
contact me at your earliest convenient for a possible business

I am a retired personnel officer of Nat west bank, with your
sincere assistant and co-operation,I have determined to work
deal with you if you can do the business.

At the moment,I am constrained to issue more details about
business until your positive response is received.

Please take a moment of your time schedules to read this and
your response. I assure you that this deal is worth taking
highly profitable. Thank you for your time and attention.
forward your response to my private email address for further
communication on this transaction:

Warmest regards,

Mr. Gerald Wharfe Whitley,
Retired personnel officer,
NatWest Bank

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Norliwati said...

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I am Mr. Gerald Whitley, Credit Accounting officer of Lloyds TSB Bank.
I am contacting you for a possible business transfer worth 22.5M Pounds

It will be in my interest to finish this transaction with you hoping
that you will not cheat or blackmail me at the conclusion of this goal
because i have planned it for long.

If you can be a collaborator to this transaction, please indicate your
positive interest immediately for us to proceed. Remember this is
absolutely confidential because my Bank does not know about it.
Your contact phone numbers and name will be necessary for this effect.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Warmest regards,
Mr. Gerald Wharfe Whitley,
Credit Accounting Officer,
Lloyds TSB Bank

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Joel said...

I want to inform you that am fully interested in transacting business in your country.
My name is Gerald Wharfe Whitley. I wish to invest in any form of productive investment
most especially [PROPERTIES] with your advice and guidelines.
I will want you to give me more information of lucrative investment opportunties in your country and beyond.
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible via my personal e-mail address
Thanks for your co operation.
Gerald whitley

That's what he wrote me.. I love reading these bullshit business mails..