Monday, March 27, 2006

"JPMorgan Chase - Chase Manhatan" - Fraud Alert

This time, real alert from J.P.Morgan. No links for click. :)

Dear JPMorgan Chase Customer,

Due to recent fraudulent activities on some of JPMorgan Chase online
accounts we are launching a new security system to make
JPMorgan Chase online accounts more secure and safe. Before we can
activate it we will be checking all JPMorgan Chase online accounts to confirm
the authenticity of the holder.

We will require a confirmation that your account has not been
stolen or hacked. Your account has not been suspended or frozen.

To confirm your account status please Login

-complete the required information to authenticate and reset your account

-make sure your account balance has not been changed

-make sure your details have not been changed

-review recent transactions in your account history for any unauthorized

If you find any type of suspicious activities please contact us immediately.
Please include in your message your account number, your account name
and the unauthorized transfer date & time.

Please do not reply to this message. For any inquiries, contact Customer Service.

JPMorgan Chase Copyright © 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

How to stop spam email

Here are some tips for you to free of spam emails. You can't stop them totaly, but you can reduce them.

- Never, ever answer on them.
- Don't click links.
- If you can say mail is spam just when you look at subject and sender adress, then delete imidiately. Don't even open.
- Don't open attachments ever!

Thursday, March 16, 2006




Attn Lucky Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the last final annual draw of
our Lottery International Programs.
The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of
25,000,000 e-mail addresses of
individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random
computer search from the
internet. No tickets were sold.

After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as a
winner in the category "A" with the following numbers attached Ref Number:
QC 9590 ES 9414,Batch Number: 573881545-NL/2006 and Ticket Number: PP 3502
You are therefore to receive a cash prize of $1,500,000.00. (One Million
Five Hundred Thousand
United States Dollars) from the total payout CONGRATULATIONS!!!. Your prize
award has been insured with your e-mail address and will be transferred to
you upon meeting our requirements, statutory obligations, verifications,
validations and satisfactory report.
To file in for the processing of your prize winnings, you are advised to
contact our Certified and
Accredited claims agent for category "A" winners with the information
Name: Harman Landon
Tel: +31 621 911 823
You are advice to provide him with the following information:
Telephone/Fax number:
NOTE: All winnings must be claimed not later than 14 days, thereafter
unclaimed funds would be included in the next stake. Remember to quote your
reference information in all correspondence.
You are to keep all lotto information confidential, especially your
reference and ticket numbers.
(This is important as a case of double claims will not be
entertained).Members of the affiliate agencies are automatically not allowed
to participate in this program.
Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform our agent as
soon as possible.
Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for being
part of our promotional program.

Yours Faithfully,
Walter Jones.
Lottery Coordinator.
Thank you and congratulations!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"EuroMillions Lottery SPE"

Subject: Congratulations!!!
From: "EuroMillions Lottery SPE"

EuroMillions Lottery SPE.,
Hoge Wei 28, 2011 Zaventem,
Euro Millions are Affiliate of Belgium National Lottery (BNL).



We are pleased to inform you of the result of EuroMillions Lottery SPE.,
which was held on the 28th, February 2006.
Your e-mail address attached to e-ticket number: 7720123478912A, with Prize
Number: 106285612 drew a prize
of €1,000,000.00 (One Million Euros).
This lucky draw came first in the 2nd Category of the Sweepstake.
You will receive the sum of €1,000,000.00 (One Million Euros) from our
authorized bank.

Because of some mix-up with sweepstake prizes, including the time limited
placed on the payment of your prize:
€1,000,000.00, we advice that you keep all information about this prize
confidential until your funds: €1,000,000.00
have been transferred to you by our bank. You must adhere to this
instruction, strictly, to avoid any delay with the
release of your funds to your person. This program has been abused
severally in past, so we are doing our best to
forestall further occurrence of false claims.

This sweepstake was conducted under the watchful eyes of 8,000 spectators.
Your e-mail address was selected
and came out first by a e-ballot draw from over 250,000 e-mail addresses
(personal and corporate e-mail addresses).
This program is sponsored by CFI Networks to compensate faithful internet
suffers around the globe.
Congratulations for becoming one of the few lucky winners.
With your permission, your e-mail will also be included in the next
sweepstake of €5Million.

You must claim your prize: €1,000,000.00 not later than 14-days from the
moment you receive this e-mail.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays with your claim from the bank; please
contact them immediately, and quote your
winning and personal information now, and in all your correspondence with
the bank.

Here is the contact information:
Bank: Finansbank NV,
Attention: Otto Bruderer.
Karspeldreef 6A, 1101 CJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Tel: (+3163) 373 5060.
Fax: (+3184) 713 4206 .

Furnish them with the following:
(i). your name(s),
(ii) Your telephone and fax numbers
(iii) Your contact address
(iv) Your winning information (including amount won).

Yours to serve,
Vjertis Von Adrian (Ms.) CPA.
Coordinator: EuroMillions SPE.