Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fake Egold security Announcement


We happily introduce to you the newest e-gold security feature - secret
key file. If secret key file is installed on your computer, access to your
account from other computers will be denied. This new feature will prevent
unauthorized logins to e-gold accounts. Secret key file is necessary to protect
your account and to reduce the instance of unauthorized funds transfers
in our system.

To proceed take the following steps in the following order:

1. Visit secret key file generation page

e-gold Secret Key File Generation
(there is fake link actually goes to

You can generate secret key file for your account only from this unique
web page.

2. Generate a secret key file

After successful generation you will get your key installation file.
IMPORTANT! Do not forget to save a backup copy of your secret key
installation file and keep it in a safe place!

3. Install the secret key file on your computer

We highly recommend you to generate and install a secret key file right away.

For your security, never access the e-gold website
via hypertext links in e-mail!


Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.