Friday, September 08, 2006

FIFTH THIRD bank, 2006

Noncense mail from scamer and spamer saying it's from FIFTH THIRD bank costumers department:

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alienate muck boorish don clio high
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flat annoy bismarck
knap accelerometer teem cardinal news team
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tiny bedlamapocalyptic ire cola rill bought bit dawn
phew oaf bill spanjunk
simp Gaul lean pry you bitetzar
gosh span alum
amperage movehelm
sera jighue mice hard
applicable concave airfield battle deliquesce citadel betsey
touch hole coal sot beep caliper alien lens home
sown news fat centigrade dale
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do peal runt cosy is it
sot aseptic campfire corps fix suit
for York wise ahem im- curvaceous devious gulf bake
give bum cub concave yell
neon bona aerosol rise accede page
taxi apostle, jaw drug oner, declarator dido anyplace mutt
befall rooki depletion bust canadian hope
camelot rage countersink wake
hold caracas aah
fro cowl dissociable pop glut rump
week cuddle
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fawn assemble
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hock caiman bee in toe ahem ballfield toe haul
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ell bathos cadet ajar high africahip
tap kool declaratory
don beneluxcowl
urge flogbeet town mopy
foul colossal aberrant omen bail
crack nip dodo chaplain berlioz lost hoy cock brief
quid bat mire it`s complementary
cogitatechinook pay rid
dram brahmaputra gap chard door
feat flop boson yet bunyan hawk
diet burgeon burnside shoot banish bred contempt cookup fiat
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sty coincident fur blochare
lose crevice yep yock ir- keelboss
tote rind pyre
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claimant cowherd conch advertise continua
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pate detractor bennington crossbar
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