Sunday, July 09, 2006


To: Winners
Date: Jul 8, 2006 3:26 PM

STAATSLOTTERIJ INTERNATIONAL PROMO PROGRAME COOlLSINGEL 191-193, AMSTERDAM,THE NETHERLANDS. Tel:+31-633 788 295 Fax:+31-847 519 838 FROM: THE PROMOTION DIRECTOR NETHERLAND LOTTERY PROMOTION PROGRAMM, RESULTS FOR THE THIRD CATEGORY DREW INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS DEPT. REF:890/5647/FSR/TKAHGT/TGFR, SFN/870UI/R6S*Y650 BATCH:GFFF980/76AR/786TRE. ATTENTION: NOTIFICATION!!! We are pleased to inform you of the release, of the long awaited results of the NETHERLANDS LOTTERY PROMOTION PROMOTION PROGRAMM held on the 28th JUne,2006,to the 3rd July 2006 You were entered as dependent clients with: Reference Number:890/5647/FSR/TKAHGT/TGFR, and Batch number GFFF980/76AR/786TRE. Your email address attached to the ticket number:5566675 that drew the lucky winning number, which consequently won the weeptake in the second category, in four parts. You have been approved for a payment of 1,500,000.00 Euro in cash credited to file reference number:890/5647/FSR/TKAHGT/TGFR. This is from a total cash prize of fifteen milliom euro shared among the Ten International Winners in 2rd Categories CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 90,000 (Nithy thousand) names of email users around the world, as part of our international promotion program. Due to mixed up of some names and addresses, we ask that you keep this award personal, till your claims has been processed and your funds remitted to you. This is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of the situation by other articipants or impersonators. To begin your claim,do file for therelease of your winning by contacting your/our accredited agent in our security department: DR. peterson Van Dijk Foreign Claim Manager. TEL:+31-633 788 295 FAX:+31-847-519-838 We are agent and responsible for the processing and transfer of your winnings prize to your nominated destination. YOUR SECURITY FILE NUMBER IS 870UI/R6S*Y650(keep personal)Remember, your winning must winning claimed not later than(28th-07-2006). Failure to claim your winning/fund will be added to next 17,000.000 euro international lotteryprogram. Furthermore, should there be any change in your address, do inform your claims agent as soon as possible. NOTE: All winnings must be notarized to complete the claim process; winners will be referred to Foreign Transfer Manager, to have their winnings notarized. Once again, Congratulations. Yours Sincerely, Mrs.Doris Van Moore, Secertary.

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