Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hack Egold !!!! new bugs !!!

Try it before egold know of it and patch the bug, fast!!!
I found it on 30/4/2006, Action Fast!!!!

Hello, i cant stop myself to share this new tips, it work!!!
My name is kelvin, i am a computer engineer , i found a bug in the egold ROBOT ,
you can confused the egold robot with the script i introduced to you ,

1) Send USD x.xx to account 3100881 (Egold Temp Account),
this is the egold robot temporary account, where the first x is your last egold
and the last two xx is your first two egold number.

for example, your account number is 2700896, then you have to send USD6.27 to the
egold temp account.

2) Type this script in the memo : {@%$$%&getback%$10%*@^} and spend the money ,
you will see your money get back to you 10 times winthin 1 hour.

Action fast before egold know of it !!!!!

If you do that, you will not see your money again, ofcourse.


Chcomp said...

What idiot would try this! Amazing! I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to try this and I can't believe you would be such an a@#hole to try this...

Should be banned and barred and flogged with the blogs...


acca said...

Should be banned and barred and flogged with the blogs...

Did you read what's my blog about? Those are scam and spam mails and I'm tryin' to tell people to avoid and be avare.