Monday, February 27, 2006


My Good Friend,
By brief introduction , we are Luisa and Isa williams, students in Cote d'ivoire and
the children of late Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Ajayi. Our late parents was killed by the
rebels in our residence town of Bouake the second Economic Capital of Cote d'ivoire
during the recent political Crisis /war of 19th september 2002. Our father was a
wealthy Cocoa Merchant and president of BCC(bourse de cafe and cacao bouake chapter)
before he was killed together with our mother by the rebels.
Our parents death was due to the BCC.CI's financial support to the government to
fight rebels who attacked our country on this fate of 19 sept what the govt.
called here (?ffort de paix). Our parents was kidnapped and took away but we only
met our father in a terrible condition with the red cross officials to whom he was
handed half alive. Talking of our mother, our dad confirmed that she could not bear
her bullets for only 15 minutes and she gave up. Our father, was hospitalized for
some days before his death in a private hospital in yammoussokro , But before his
death,he secretly disclosed to me as his son, his transfer budget of US$8.5 million
dollars which he deposited in one of the well known holding company in Europe on
behalf of his foreign business partner for foreign investments and directed me where
this fund was deposited and concerning the conditions of the deposit he made the
beneficiary anonymous.
Our father also disclose to me before he gave the ghost that he wanted to invest his
fortune abroad. This is why we are honourably seeking your assistance to help us and
stand as the beneficiary and foreign partner of our late father and help us in the
claim of this fund and invest the money for us. We will also like you to make
arrangement for us to further our Education in your country. We agreed to offer you
30% of the total money as your compensation after the claim is made. Please get back
to us through email address. We are in distress here in a transit camp and we need
your urgent help as at now, we have no other hope of surviving except when this
money is claimed from the holding company in Europe. PLEASE SEND US EMAIL URGENTLY.
Reply to email address Please keep this very confidential
and private. Please send us a reply to email.
Expecting to hear from you.
Best Regard,
Luisa and Isa Williams,

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